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At Independent Roof Inspection Services, our inspection rates don't go through the roof because we believe in providing you with reliable services at a reasonable, competitive price. Our rates (subject to change without notice) are typically comprised of the following:

Residential Shingle Roofs

For bungalows in the city of Toronto our rate is $275. Simple two-story homes are $375. Complicated two and three-story roof profiles will be charged on an individual basis. Provision of an address will allow us to view the roof on Google Earth to determine the applicable rate. Slate and cedar roofs may require more detailed investigation. Subsequent to the inspection and discussions with the homeowner, a report will be prepared.

Commercial and Industrial Sloped Roofs, One- & Two-Story

These can come in different materials, ranging from asphalt shingles and cedar shakes to steel and aluminum systems of numerous types. Our rate will depend upon the existing roofing material, the size of the property and the access. Once again, an address will allow us to Google Earth the location and determine the rate. 

Residential Flat Roofs

Some sloping residential roofs also have small areas of flat roofing. These will be included in the rate for sloped roofing inspections. Our rates for flat-roofed homes are the same as for our sloped roofing inspections.

Commercial & Industrial Flat Roofs

Due to differences in size, type of structure and height, the rates will vary. Once again, a site visit will determine the appropriate rate.

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