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Meet the Independent Roof Inspection Team Servicing the GTA

At Independent Roof Inspection Services, we were salesman, estimators, and roofers. Roofing was what we did. We all climbed up ladders, loaded building materials and made a mess. However, when we were done, the property was always thoroughly cleaned up and the roofs didn’t leak anymore. We had a lot of satisfied customers but after years of being roofers, it was time for us to finally try something new. Because owner Dave Baughn had seen many mistakes and bad contractors throughout his years in roofing, he decided something needed to be done – hence, Independent Roof Inspection Services.

Experienced Roofers with Over 100 Years of Experience

We have completed roofing projects ranging from chicken coops to Trump Towers and everything in between, all the way down to Grandma’s bungalow. Between us, we have over 100 years of roofing experience to make us well-qualified inspection experts.

Telephone: 647-718-0856

Hours: Open Daily, Call for an Appointment!

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