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Most roof inspections are offered by roofing companies. However, Independent Roof Inspection Services is not a roofing company offering to do inspections on the side. As an independent roof inspector, we offer our inspection services at affordable rates to homeowners, property managers, real estate companies, developers and landlords of residential, commercial and industrial properties across the Greater Toronto Area. Our detailed roof inspection reports describe the existing waterproofing, its age and condition, and all of your available options. While you may need to completely replace your roof, other times you might not need a new roof at all. Sometimes a repair or a partial re-roof may suffice. When you hire us, you know the job will be done safely and correctly. Our team is liability insured, WSIB Compliant, Working at Heights Certified and “Carson Dunlop” Certified.

We Also Check Your Attic’s Ventilation & Insulation

We do more than just inspect your roof. Familiar with requirements for attic ventilation and insulation, we also look in your attic for evidence of moisture, mould and damaged woodwork. We will talk about your bricks and windows, your eavestrough and even your downpipes.

What’s in Our Roof Inspection Reports?

A thorough roof inspection requires us to access the roof safely and take measurements, core samples, thermal readings and photographs. Simple residential roof inspections can usually be completed at the location the same day. More complex buildings will require the initial on-site inspection and time to prepare a report. Presentation of the report will follow, during which our clients are encouraged to get on the roof and see for themselves.

Completion Reports Prepared After Roofing Contracts

Subsequent to the completion of a roofing contract, we will inspect the work and prepare a “Completion Report.” This should be done prior to the full payment of the contract. To schedule a consultation or obtain an estimate for our inspection services, please contact us today!

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